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Tuesday, 13 February 2018

My Life Is In Danger!! - Shatta Wale Runs To Nana Addo

Dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale has said he won't sit standoffish and sit tight for a Pastor to visit a holy place to murder him since he needs to demonstrate a point that he has the ability to make and unmake.

As indicated by him, if the Pastor who anticipated his demise supposes he is a righteous man, he should meet him so he demonstrates to him that he is likewise blessed by the Holy Ghost and that the Pastor is a cheat and not a godly man.

Shatta Wale who made this bring in a Facebook Live stream video made a clarion approach the President of Ghana to attract his consideration regarding the way that his life has been undermined by a Pastor.

Pastors killed Ebony to prove a point – Shatta Wale

He said "Mr. President I'm being undermined, my life is in question and I can hardly wait for a Pastor to go to an altar to come and demonstrate a point. I need to demonstrate a point about god's identity. You see this Pastor, on the off chance that you have control come and search for me else I will come and show you control mightier than your congregation, mightier than your auto, mightier than your home, mightier than your whole family and age. Minister you ventured on a wrong tail. I won't call you a Pastor, I will call you a hoodlum and a killer. You individuals murdered Ebony.".

He utilized the chance to approach Religious pioneers to ascend against every single phony Pastor and Prophets in the nation.

Shatta Wale approached Ghana Police to explore the Pastor in the coming days or he will hit with individuals from his domain to torch the Pastor's Church since he feels his life is been debilitated.

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